Our frequently asked questions answer the most common questions.

1How much will it cost to sell my business?

Our fee structure is tailored, but typically our commission upon completion of sale is 3-3.5% and we have an upfront marketing contribution which varies business to business and following a meeting we will be able to give you an exact figure as this varies based on the size, sector and marketing strategy needed to achieve the desired result.

2How long will it take to sell my business?

We aim to get the whole process completed from start to finish within 12 months. Our recent completions have averaged around 9-10 months.

3What happens if my business doesn’t sell?

We have always managed to generate interest on any business that we aim to sell, but should a buyer pull out or there be another reason as to why your business doesn’t sell, then it is completely up to you whether you want us to remarket the business or you are free to go elsewhere there are no ties, the choice is yours.

4What if no one is interested in my business?

We pride ourselves on being one of the most proactive advisors in the UK and have managed to generate interest on all businesses we have dealt with.

5How much is my business worth?

The value of a business comes down to many factors and following an initial meeting, one of the parts of the meeting will be to discuss value and to offer a guide on value based on current market conditions and what we have seen across the market for businesses at your level.

6Is my business saleable?

All businesses are saleable, even loss-making businesses. The real question is how much we can sell your business for.

7How do you value a business?

There are several factors when it comes down to the value of a business. Net profit being the main driving force, we will look through the accounts and see what adjustments can be made to draw up the adjusted net profit (EBITDA). You have assets the company owns, projected financial performance and other non financial value drivers, such as contracts for future growth, how niche the business is, staff infrastructure to name a few. These and many other factors we will discuss with you when guiding on value in a meeting.

8When is the best time to sell my business?

There is no perfect time to sell your business. There is a common misconception that you shouldn’t sell when you are doing well, but that is actually the best time to sell as you will benefit the most financially from the sale of your business when turnover and profits are at an all-time high as buyers will pay a lot more than if the business is not performing as well.

9How do you keep my business sale private and confidential?

Privacy and confidentiality is at the forefront of everything we do when selling a business. Protecting you, your customers and staff is our priority when selling your business. Before a buyer finds out any key information relating to your business, we will request a signed NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) from them which prevents them from discussing anything regarding your business to any outside party.

10I tried to sell before and there was no interest. How can you help?

We are one of the most proactive companies in the UK, so our marketing strategy is vastly different from other companies. Others will simply look to just put adverts up online like estate agents and that is why a lot of businesses fail to sell with those companies, because it is a reactive approach not a proactive one. We will identify and approach companies in your industry and in synergistic sectors that are looking to grow through acquisition themselves and are able to buy your business, which is why we not only achieve, but often exceed are clients’ expectations.

11Can you help with the legal side such as lawyers and solicitors?

Yes we can, we believe in partnerships and collaborations with other professional companies, so we can make referrals to solicitors that can assist with the legal side of the sale process if that is what you require.

12I’ve been approached privately about selling. What is the best thing to do?

In this situation, the best thing to do would be to allow us to include them as part of our sales process. We can involve them and use them as a negotiation tool alongside all of the other buyers we have identified as a way of extracting maximum value from the business for you. The more buyers we have round the table, the better for you.

13What are the main factors for businesses not selling?

The main factors for businesses not selling would be a buyer pulling out of the deal at the last minute, which is why it is imperative to be dealing with multiple buyers so that the whole sales process is not in jeopardy, should one buyer pull out. The other main reason we see, is other advisors listing companies for unattainable, unachievable figures that are never going to be achieved, to combat this we work the other way and have the starting point as the minimum amount you would sell your business for, with a view to exceed that minimum figure. Using this strategy, we know that we are being realistic ad working together towards an achievable goal.

14How much of my own time will I have to invest into this process?

We will handle the majority of the process in house ourselves. That involves, drawing up all documents and marketing material that will be sent out to buyers. In the early stages weeding through all potential time wasters, competitors being nosey or buyers simply not in a position to buy your business.

We will handle negotiations in terms of value on your behalf and would look to involve you at the key stages such as when a buyer wants to meet the current owners and to see the business. When a formal offer has been made for you to consider and then when you decide to accept an offer. Everything up until that point we will handle which allows you to focus on the day to day running of the business and not take your eye off the ball or get distracted by the sale.

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